Atlanta Esalen® Massage offers
full-body contemplative massage

“Esalen massage is different. It transports me to a place of peace that other bodywork styles usually don't reach. The first time I received a massage from Andy at Atlanta Esalen Massage I was so relaxed I couldn't speak for a good ten minutes.”  Alex W.

Andy Ritan Atlanta Massage Therapist - Esalen massage

I specialize in Esalen massage: a full-body contemplative massage.  The hallmarks of Esalen massage are long flowing strokes, rocking, stretches, and holds.

The goal of Esalen massage is to help the client enter into a deeply relaxed, meditative state.

“Powerfully effective and unique style of massage. I love the signature long strokes from one end of the body to another. It really drops me in. Andy really loves what he does and that passion shows in his presence and touch.”  Corinne L.

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Oncology and Hospice Massage - Why I Do It

Oncology massage and hospice massage – why I do it

I have been interested in loss and end of life issues for as long as I can remember. Our days do not continue forever. They come to an end. My curiosity about the philosophical and theological implications of this fact led me as a young man into a religious studies major and then on to […]
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Andy Ritan Atlanta Massage Therapist

How I got interested in Esalen massage and why it speaks to me

I’m Andy Ritan, a licensed massage therapist and I specialize in Esalen massage. This video is about how I got interested in Esalen massage and why the Esalen style speaks to me. My path in life and a few of the places it has taken me When I went off to college as a young […]
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Esalen Massage is not about Fixing People

Esalen massage is not about fixing people

Esalen massage is not about fixing people Every Esalen teacher I have studied under has taught this. This seems a contradiction in terms. Why would anyone seek massage if not to be fixed? Why would anyone become a massage therapist if not to fix people? In the medical massage paradigm, the reason to seek massage […]
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