Esalen® Massage Client Testimonials

"The thing about Esalen® massage is that its not really about working out muscles, its more about touch and integration and calming the nervous system and mind body connection, and so that has been so important lately at a time when we don't have a lot of connection.

I actually called Andy probably a week after the stay-at-home order lifted here in Georgia, because I was desperate for a massage, and I thought of Andy, and so I started coming to see Andy through this pandemic once a week it and it has actually been a game changer for me in terms of being able to get through the pandemic in a healthy way. " - Jen

"For me pregnancy involves a lot of changes and bodily changes and I feel like because of the massage that Andy offers it would allow me to become of one accord with my mind, body and soul, because of how the energy is in the room and what he is doing. It feels more like an art form to help you relax and the more you open up to the experience the more you can actually get from the whole Esalen® massage itself. It is something that really helps the body adjust, and then it is something that is continuous, it has such a flow to it that my body engages it and takes to it very well, and it definitely helps me with preparation because it it helps me understand that this is really a beautiful thing, being pregnant. " - Dai

"The experience of coming to Andy's has been, honestly, just wonderful. I've found it very relaxing and therapeutic and I have really benefited from it. I was experiencing migraines for months and I couldn't find relief through anything, even through doctors, they couldn't find anything that would help. That's when I looked up massage therapy and I found Andy's name. I started coming here once a week.

It's been six months, now, coming once a week, and we recently started doing twice a week, and I've seen a huge improvement with my headaches and migraines. I found Andy through Google. I looked up massage therapy and I found his name and looked up his website and it seemed really interesting, I hadn't tried anything like it before, and it looked like it could be really beneficial. And I have benefited from it. " - Anne

"One of the best massages I've ever had! Esalen® massage is not quite like any other massage I've experienced. I have had this style massage at the place it was created- at the Esalen Institute in gorgeous Big Sur, California. Powerfully effective and unique style of massage. I love the signature long strokes from one end of the body to another. It really drops me in. Andy really loves what he does and that passion shows in his presence and touch. Thanks for the great work Andy! So happy to have an Esalen® massage therapist in Georgia!"  Corinne L.

"Esalen® massage is different. It transports me to a place of peace that other bodywork styles usually don't reach. The first time I received a massage from Andy at Atlanta Esalen® Massage I was so relaxed I couldn't speak for a good ten minutes.”  Alex W.